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Why I like Mondays

It’s cold, it’s wet, the garden looks like a boggy swamp, but hey! – it’s Monday and as usual at the start of a new week, I have this freaky Ready Brek glow of positivity. (It doesn’t last long. By Tuesday I’m back to my usual Eeyore slump.) But today. It’s MONDAY! Anything could happen. Really. It could.

Pixar might call.

My Premium Bond might come up.

I could find that half-filled in passport application. (My house is the size of a hamster cage so not sure how it’s scientifically possible to lose anything.)

Mondays aren’t all good.  Apparently it’s the most common day to have a duvet day or to be late for work or school. Clearly Mondays aren’t good for everyone.  When I was a kid I hated Mondays, too. Mondays meant school and I hated school even more than Mondays. But now Mondays are like having a clean sheet of paper and a brand new pencil. Or like buying a lucky-dip bag of sweets and guessing it’s at least half full of fizzy cola bottles. Or receiving a white envelope with a publisher’s frank. There’s so much promise about a Monday…

And this one started well. The postie knocked – (soaking wet, busy and not bearing a Ready Brek glow of love for Mondays, which is understandable considering the rain). He was clutching a big bag of advance copies of Undead Pets 8, the Hour of the Doomed Dog. Thanks TEAM STRIPES! UPETS_HOTDDOGThe art work is spectacular. The cover looks amazing. And Uncle Charlie makes a dramatic return. I love it. Can’t wait to April for publication day. I’m also dusting-off my best lipstick ahead of a visit to the wonderful Pickled Pepper book shop in Crouch End on Saturday.

Guy Bass: You’ll be a hard act to follow!

In other news, the Return of  the Hungry Hamster (Undead Pets 1) has been shortlisted for the Leicester Libraries ‘Our Favourite Book of the Year’ award! Wow! So kind. I get to go to the Leicester Tigers’ home ground in June for a wee shindig and to meet loads of kids who’ve been voting for their favourite books. I love Mondays. Hope you’re having a happy one too. Samx

P.S. This is what we’re reading and recommending.

Me: The Children’s War by Monique Charlesworth. Absolutely wonderful WW2 novel.  Great for young teens+CHILDREN's WAR

My daughter: Trash by Andy Mulligan and Mrs Frisbee and the Rats of Nimh by Robert O’Brien. Two classics!Mrs Frisbee

My son: Dirty Bertie - every book in the series! By Alan MacDonald and David Roberts.  Dirty Bertie continues to be King in our house.

My School groups: Trash by Andy Mulligan. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, Holes, Louis Sachar and Itch, Simon Mayo.  Trash_Andy_Mulligan