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Urgh! What’s inside my keyboard!

Half-term’s over and the house looks like a king-sized tip, with knobs on, but I’ve finally got five minutes to write something… HURRAH! though I’ve just had to unpick the dust, and crud and biscuit crumbs that have been jamming up letters ‘O, L and P’ on my keyboard. If the Health & Safety people did home visits, they’d close my keyboard down. (Please no one tell me how keyboard bacteria is worse for you than eating your breakfast off a toilet seat!) Actually, my keyboard looks like a cool DNA science experiment. There are so many cultures growing on it, it seems a shame to clean it. Maybe if I leave it for a few more weeks some new life form will appear… If you don’t hear from me ever again, it probably ate me.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had housekeeping issues. I used to have a magnificent old Honda Prelude car. (Remember them, older readers?) It was an astonishing thing: sunroof, pop-up lights, low-slung racing-style bucket seats. 140,000 miles on the clock! Super cool! Only problem was it leaked a little, so there were a few mushrooms growing on the back seat….  I miss that car.

So, anyway, it’s been a good week. UPETS_HOTDDOG My latest Undead Pets book – number 8, Hour of the Doomed Dog, is out and available in all good book shops and libraries and online emporiums! It stars Frankie the undead dachshund who comes a-cropper in a revolving door. OUCH! Mysterious old Uncle Charlie even makes an appearance. Check out the amazing art work by pen-master Simon Cooper. It’s the last in the series, so I’m a bit sad…

But, I totally cheered up when I  paid a visit to the fan-tabulous Pickled Pepper Book shop in leafy Crouch End. Wow! What an amazing place to hang out. Brilliant selection of books, super friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

It was lovely to meet the owners, Steven and Urmi and their fantastic kids. And a huge thanks to all the Undead Pets super-fans (and parents) who showed up to say hi. Blimey! What a bright bunch. They were SO knowledgeable.  They knew more about the books than I did. I expect to see them on Mastermind soon. Specialist subject: 101 things everyone should know about zombie animals appearing in Undead Pets books 1-8! 

Some even brought their own outstanding Undead Pets fan art. Thanks Hania. You rock!photo 4 (8)photo 3 (5)

Thanks too, to (my super) special agent Gemma Cooper and her amazing fan NAIL art! How does she do that??photo 4 (5)


After coffee and cakes, I headed into central London, with my advisers – (daughter Alice and mum, Shonagh). First stop, the Natural History Museum. BIG mistake! It was WAY too busy. We wimped-out of the two-hour queue and went next door to the V&A. Less busy; still scary. I live in the country now. I’m not used to people!  Then a toddle down the Brompton Road… and finally a collapse in Harrods searching for the jelly bean bar that I was sure I remembered from when I used to live in London. It’s still there!!! A bit smaller, (isn’t everything), and now located in the toy department. I got back to Wales 15 hours after leaving it. A grand day out! Can’t wait for the next one!


P.S. This is what we’re reading in my house at the moment:

Me: The Screaming Staircase, Jonathan StroudLKW2[1]

James: The Chimp Paradox, Steve Peters9780091935580_1[1]

Alice: TRASH, Andy MulliganTrash_Andy_Mulligan and Wimpy Kid, (all editions – again!!)by  Jeff Kinney

Archie: Earth’s story