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Undead Pets Blog Tour

Phew! The Undead Pets are exhausted after a busy week on blog tour! Big thanks to all the amazing bloggers for hosting.  If you missed any of the stop-offs, click on the links below for a catch up. Undead Pets Blog Tour

Check out Serendipity Reviews to find out more about  world building and making sure a series makes sense! 

Then beetle over to Armadillo Children’s Magazine Blog to learn more about amazing Uncle Charlie and why everyone needs a magic uncle.Uncle Charlie 

On Wednesday, they were in the hot seat being grilled by the Young Writers Blog. 

Find out how to cope with a zombie pet at Wondrous Reads.

Discover what scares the Undead Pets at Little Fiction Fascination.

And meet the NOT undead pets – the real animals  behind the characters at Sarah’s Book Reviews.

Thanks again to fantastic bloggers!

Hope the Undead Pets didn’t leave too many crumbs/zombie hairballs/feathers/fluff and muddy paw prints on the soft furnishings!  




Super Furry Undead Pets Fans

Introducing a new group of Undead Pets fans – the Guinea Girls! jilly ruby and boo

Jilly (the dark brown one), Ruby (with the magical red eyes) And lovely Boo (sporting the best hair-doo ever!). These gorgeous guineas belong to eight year-old Bryn and his mum and dad, Jane and Chris.
Jane Ruby Bry Boo Chris Jilly
Bryn’s a big Undead Pets fan and he wanted to share the books with his guineas – especially Gasp of the Ghoulish Guinea Pig!
Bryn and Boo 

Mum Jane, who works at Monmouth Library, says the Guinea Girls are very interested in the books, but they’re not very good at sitting still for long without needing a wee. Not so nice for the person they’re sitting on!

Just like the guinea pigs in the Undead Pets book, these girls have big personalities. 

jilly, bryn and boo

Jilly is friendly and outgoing and a bit greedy. She often overeats! Boo is Jilly’s little sister. She got her name because Bryn reckoned her crazy hair made her look like she’d had a fright. She’s the baby of the gang and runs around – a lot! And Ruby is a laid-back peaceful little guinea, who enjoys a bath and is a great swimmer!  

It’s always fun to meet Undead Pets fans – especially the furry ones! Thanks to Bryn, Jane and Chris for sharing their lovely Guinea Girls. And if you live in Monmouthshire, checkout Monmouth Library this Easter – there’s loads going on for kids. Plus they’ve got a brilliant selection of children’s books that you (and your pets!) will love.Monmouth library 

Other Undead Pets news…  Book 8 – ‘Hour of the Doomed Dog’ – the last instalment in the series – had its official launch date this week. UPETS_HOTDDOGLook out for it in libraries and shops. And so excited to see Swedish editions of the series this week, too.UNDEAD PETS SWEDISH

Trevlig läsning! 


P.S. This is what we’re reading in my house this week.

Me: the Black Book of Secrets by HE Higgins & Collar the Lot by Peter and Leni Gilman

Alice: Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

Archie: Kaspar, the Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo

James: The Gold Mine Effect by Rasmus Ankersen

Black book of secretsCollar the LotMurder Most UnladylikeKaspa Prince ofGold Mine