About Sam

Young Sam!



Once upon a time a young girl called Sam (that’s her on the left) wanted to be a writer….

….And now she is.

The End!





Sam Hay grew up in Scotland, and always wanted to be a writer. From the age of eight, she filled endless notebooks with stories and poems. Sam Hay

Sam trained as a journalist in Edinburgh where she learned lots of useful stuff like how to do shorthand – which is pretty cool when you want to write secret messages that no-one else can read.

Sam worked in newspapers and for BBC Television in London, before packing it in to move to Wales, have a baby and write her first children’s book. Since then she’s had around 30 books published including the Undead Pets series about zombie animals and Screaming Sands, a ghostly trilogy set at the seaside


Martin the cat

Sam writes for all ages from pre-school up… (Look out for her two new exciting picture book series launching in 2016).

Sam’s favourite story themes include; magic, zombies and crazy animal adventures. She takes inspiration from her fantastic family and fun team of pets including; Martin the (scaredy) cat, Fluffy and Todd the (cute as custard) rabbits, and Goldie the (enormous) fish.

Sam enjoys reading, watching movies and drinking buckets of coffee, along with snow, sharp pencils and big bags of sweets!

Sam is represented by Gemma Cooper at the Bent Agency.