This week I feel like I’ve been taken over by Q – the gadgety bloke who gives James Bond all the whizzy stuff he needs to beat the baddies! In the past ten days I’ve joined Twitter, got a website, bought a kindle and learnt how to blog. Next step is a smart phone, then I’m ready for world domination. It’s weird. I’ve finally caught up with the 21st century – only 14 years late! And it’s all thanks to my brilliant new agent – Gemma Cooper. That’s her in the picture. ←She’s like ‘M’ in my mini James Bond world.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

In other news: my latest book the Gasp of the Ghoulish Guinea Pig, the seventh instalment in the Undead Pets series is now in shops and libraries. Keep a look out and let me know if you spot it.UPETS_GOTGGPIG I loved writing this book, mainly because we find out more about Spiker. For anyone who is new to the Undead Pets series, Spiker is the arch enemy of the main character, Joe. In this book we find out Spiker has a less spiky side, (who would have thought it!). I won’t give too much of the plot away but if you’ve got guinea pigs and you or your parents are doing the laundry, make sure your piggies are safely tucked up in their hutch! Oh, and check out Simon Cooper’s amazing illustrations. The double page spread of Spiker’s big brother’s bedroom is EPIC! And the comic strip scene, is as always, totally brilliant!

More Undead Pets news… Some of the foreign editions have plopped through my letter box. Great to see South Korean and French Canadian editions of the series.JB002 JB001

And don’t forget, if you’re an Undead Pet’s super-fan you’ll find lots to do on the series website: and if you want to review the books go to the publisher’s website and type in the title of the book.

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