With Christmas just a few sleeps away, I was delighted to receive some early presents – four fantastic letters from Undead Pets’ fans in the US.  Thanks so much Jude, Lucca, Jenna and Sam and their inspirational teacher. Well done, guys! I love your ideas and I was so touched to receive them. ♥

Dear Sam Hay,

I love the Undead Pet s series. After you have finished the book you are writing I think you should right about a snake. The snake s name should be Red .I think he should be called that because the snake is dangerous! The cause of the death is he got run over by a car. The snake can not rest in peace because the boy who owned him forgot about him.                                                                                                  From Jude


Dear Sam Hay

       I have an idea for the fifth book in the Undead Pets series. These are all the things I have planned.

      Species: sheep

      Name: who cares? You choose!

     Cause of death: he (or she) died because of being bored with his owner. They only sang ‘’Bah bah Black Sheep“ to him (or her).

      Why they can’t rest in peace: he (or she) doesn’t want this to happen too his (or her) sister (or brother). 

          That is my idea. I hope you like it. Please answer.  Sincerely Sam 


Dear Sam Hay

I think you should write the fifth book about a parakeet. The name can be Ace. His cause of death: he was killed by a cat owned by his owner’s brother. The cat had eaten him. He cannot yet rest in peace because he is afraid his brother will meet the same fate. His brother’s name is Anger. He is 7 years old.



Dear Sam Hay,

For your fifth book, I think it should be about a monkey. The name can be Ben. Ben’s death happened when he was very young. He was probably 1 when he died. He died because he was the only one who was a boy in his family and had to fight. His dad died when Ben was about 1 month old. His mom and sisters told him he had to be the man of the family. As in he has to be the leader of the family even if he is the youngest. He was fighting against a much older monkey who was the leader of another group. Ben was fighting for food. The other monkey killed him. Ben cannot rest in peace because he wants to make sure that his family is safe.

From Jenna


It’s amazing to hear from fans of the Undead Pets from all around the world. As well as these awesome letters from the US, I recently received a great letter from a fan of the books in Japan! The series really has gone global – the zombie pets are now working their way across the US, Canada, South Korea, France and Sweden. And watch out Denmark! The Undead Pets will be with you, as well, very soon. FANTASTISK! Danish flag

Happy Christmas one and all. And good luck for 2015!  


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  1. Grant

    Dear Sam Hay-

    I really like your Undead Pets books. I have an idea for the next book. It should be about a Lizard named Leo. The cause of death was getting stepped on by his owners parents. He can’t rest in peace because he needs to be looked in the eyes of his owner one more time. It should be called “Rise of the Licking Lizard”. I hope you like my idea.

    From Grant

    1. Sam Hay Post author

      Hi Grant
      Thanks so much for your fantastic message. I’m very pleased to hear that you like the Undead Pets books. That’s brilliant! I also really like the sound of your story. Lizards are very cool creatures. At the moment there are only eight books in the Undead Pets series, but you never know, maybe we’ll make some more in the future. I’d certainly love to write some more. And if we do, I think a lizard would be a perfect creature to have in the series. Thanks for suggesting it. You sound like you enjoy making up stories. I’m so glad. I think it’s the best job in the world. I hope you’ll continue reading the Undead Pets and thanks again for getting in touch. I’m very glad you did.
      All the very best
      Sam x

  2. Jayden

    I have a idea. A death about a frog named Sloopy. He was in his cage when a snake broke into the house. And chopped off his leg. The parents came back the snake slithered away. When they found the frog it was already to late.

    1. Sam Hay Post author

      Great idea, Jayden. I like the name you’ve given the frog, too!

  3. Jayden

    I got another idea for you. I just received the sausage dog book and I love it! I’m 7 yrs old. My next idea is about a turtle named Terrance. Death is by he was walking through the house and my owner was holding a hammer to hang a picture. Until he tripped , the hammer flew out of his hand and hit Terrance on the middle of the shell and cracked his shell! Are you going to make a 9th book Sam Hay?

    1. Sam Hay Post author

      Hi Jayden
      Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for getting in touch. I’m thrilled that you like the sausage dog book. That’s fantastic! I had loads of fun writing that one. :)
      I like your idea about Terrence. He sounds like a great character. And the hammer story is super.
      I’d love to do another Undead Pets book, though I don’t think the publisher has any plans for any more at the moment, unfortunately. But you never know! It’s brilliant to know that you’d like there to be another one. I’m chuffed to bits to hear that.
      Thanks again Jayden. And keep making up new stories. You’ve got a fantastic imagination.
      All best,
      Sam x

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