Early Readers


Too Many Nightingales

Nightingales Cover

Follow this fabulous twist on the Hans Christian Andersen classic ‘ The Nightingale’. Maybe you can have too much of a good thing … when the King and Queen discover a beautiful nightingale singing in their garden, they adore it. But whatever the King and Queen like, the people love! Suddenly the kingdom has gone nightingale crazy! There is only one thing to do – the nightingales must go! (Illustrated by Roger Simo)




Tom’s Tooth

TOM'S TOOTH sam hay

Tom’s Tooth is a fun story for all children expecting a visit from the tooth fairy and who are beginning to read on their own. Perfect for children aged 4+ who are reading at book band 2 red.

Tom wiggles and jiggles his wobbly tooth until it’s out. He’s so happy but, at bedtime, he cannot find it. Can his brother and sister help? (Illustrated by Melanie Sharp)




Cactus Joe cover


Cactus Joe’s Cowboy Caper

When Cactus Joe’s best friend Little Bo gets trapped inside a giant tumbleweed and is bounced off towards the annual buffalo stampede, it’s up to Joe to rescue his friend, with a little help from some magic cactus juice! (illustrated by Daron Parton)






Hocus Pocus Hound

Doris is the world’s worst magician’s assistant – she muddles up the magic cards and mislays the magic wand. Her boss Marvo gives her the sack. Because Marvo is mean he decides to employ a stray dog as his new assistant. Hocus Pocus Hound turns great but Marvo gets greedy on the back of HPH’s success. Doris and HPH have one last trick up their sleeves to get their own back… (illustrated by Nathan Reed)






Yeti Spaghetti

The villagers of Scoffi are crazy about cooking and chefs have travelled from all over the world to take part in the Scoffi cookery competition. There’s only one problem – the Yetis! Will Yann’s yodelling keep them away, or will the lure of lovely lasagnes and incredible ice-creams be too strong? (illustrated by Mark Beech)






Creepy Customers

‘This is so boring!’ Steve is working in his dad’s chemist shop. He wants to be outside skateboarding and tree climbing. Then a few customers start to trickle in. A lady with a large nose and a big black hat asks for some wart cream, a man with a long cape and big teeth asks for some plasters and a lot of toothpaste, and a very, very hairy man buys some nail clippers and an extra strong comb. Steve’s not so bored now… (illustrated by Sarah Warburton)





Purr-fect Pete

The Flying Fur Balls recruit Purr-fect Pete to join their successful feline acrobatic show. Small but strong, Pete soon becomes their star performer, with his daring tightrope and trapeze stunts. The Flying Fur Balls overlook the fact that Pete has cheese breath and never laughs at mouse jokes. One fateful night he is fired out of a cannon and his fur suit catches on fire, revealing that Pete is really a mouse. What a cat-astrophe! (illustrated by Chris Inns)