Hi, this is the bit where I keep you up to date with all my latest news. Like how much tea I’ve drunk today, and how many curly wurlys I’ve scoffed.

(So far today: Tea – 4 cups. Curly Wurlys – none. Somone’s eaten them all! *sad face*)

It’s also the place where you might find some ideas for books to read. As well as writing books I love reading them – by myself, with school book groups and with my own kids. These are my kids and the cat, as drawn by Alice.MY KIDS DOODLE 

And here are some of the books we’re enjoying at the moment.


FORTUNATELY, THE MILK – Neil Gaiman - Mum’s away on a business trip and Dad’s left in charge. Unfortunately he forgets to get the milk. This is the funny story of why it takes him so long to get back from the shop with the milk. Lots of laughs. Great pictures. Archie, my son says: This is a great book because the dad time-travels. Great for 6+

WONDER by R.J. Palacio an epic book about a ten year old boy who looks very different – he was born with a facial abnormality – starting school for the first time. Sounds heavy, but it’s not. Great writing, lightly done. Incredibly powerful and uplifting. I love it! So do the kids I’m reading it with. Good for readers age 10+

Check them out!

8 comments on “Sam’s first blog post

  1. Lewis

    About time you had your own web site, great to see it. I’m just about to sit and read your new book – along side me will be a cup of tea but no curly wurly.

    1. Sam Hay Post author

      Thanks so much for the comment! Hope you like the book.

  2. Sam Hay Post author

    Thanks so much Vanessa. I’m really enjoying this new world!

  3. Alice

    Great website Sam! I can’t wait for the next blog!

  4. Vicky Evans

    Way to go Sam! Looking forward to seeing you out and about soon! Brilliantly clever lady x

    1. Sam Hay Post author

      Thanks so much Vicky! It’s a whole new world of technology for me. I love it! XX

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