And the winners are…

Exciting news! The winners of the Write Christmas short story competition for kids, sponsored by Cartridge Save, have just been announced. Huge congratulations to all! Read all about the competition here: WRITE CHRISTMAS WINNERSI was thrilled to be part of the judging team, and amazed by the high standard of entries. Great writing styles. Highly imaginative ideas. And refreshing new versions of classic Christmas stories. It was a treat to read them all. reindeerThe top 50 entries have been collated into a free downloadable e-book, available on the competition website. It makes perfect bedtime reading for a chilly winter’s night. Enjoy! SANTA



Undead Pets Blog Tour

Phew! The Undead Pets are exhausted after a busy week on blog tour! Big thanks to all the amazing bloggers for hosting.  If you missed any of the stop-offs, click on the links below for a catch up. Undead Pets Blog Tour

Check out Serendipity Reviews to find out more about  world building and making sure a series makes sense! 

Then beetle over to Armadillo Children’s Magazine Blog to learn more about amazing Uncle Charlie and why everyone needs a magic uncle.Uncle Charlie 

On Wednesday, they were in the hot seat being grilled by the Young Writers Blog. 

Find out how to cope with a zombie pet at Wondrous Reads.

Discover what scares the Undead Pets at Little Fiction Fascination.

And meet the NOT undead pets – the real animals  behind the characters at Sarah’s Book Reviews.

Thanks again to fantastic bloggers!

Hope the Undead Pets didn’t leave too many crumbs/zombie hairballs/feathers/fluff and muddy paw prints on the soft furnishings!